a.k.a. Make your extra keyboard keys "just work".
Touché is a KDE application that brings full support on GNU/Linux desktops  to your input devices: keyboard, mices, even IR remote receivers.

 It uses the special kernel device "hiddev", so if your input device does send events there, you have good chance of having it supported!
Wiimote is also supported now, using cwiid as connection backend.

Touché is a very fresh project, still in heavy development, and it's (for now) missing some features, like a configuration interface and a wider devices database, but as long as you help me with testing, it will be easy to have huge improvements in a short time.

Here you can find a wider overview of how and why this project started.

Source code can be found on the Github project page.

Current releases: 0.3 (view release page with changelog).

Download page:

Contribs for other distributions are welcome :)

Supported input devices:

  • Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 (v2 tested)
  • Apple IR remote receiver
  • Wiimote
Touché in action

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