Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Touché 0.3 Released!

Another couple of weeks, another major release!
This time with more interesting features I hope.
First of all, now Touché is a KDE only application, no more dual releases with Qt-only version. Of course, this may disappoint someone, but this allowed me to add some nice new features, like Global Shortcuts for profile switching.
And profiles themself were improved too, both fixing small problems, and adding a "Default" profile, when no other profile is available.
Default profile will also provide a "fallback action" if some key is not configured on the selected profile, this way you can enable an action on multiple profiles without having to copy it.

Main menu was refactored a bit, It's nicer and much more well organized.

Code was refactored as well, which lead us to an API for adding new "device modules", not just HID devices.

And we have a living example too: Wiimote support. You can easly setup a Wiimote as remote control by just enabling it in the "Configure Touché" menu entry, "Modules section", then by just connecting it. Currently it supports every physical button on the wiimote; I plan to add some other nice stuff too as gestures.

As usual, source tarball is available on github download page.
More downloads and information in Touché Homepage



    I made an Ohloh page for the project. Just out of curiosity why the project is not hosted on KDE infrastucture?

  2. Thank you, very nice indeed :) Didn't know about that!
    It's not yet on KDE infrastructure mostly because it's too young and "experimental" (altough it's much more better now, having dropped the Qt version).
    In a few releases I'll think better about what direction this project will take, and then I guess it'll be time to use KDE playground as well.


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