Thursday, August 23, 2012

Touché 0.2

Hello folks? Back from vacation?
I am, and so is Touché, with a second major release!

The most important change in this version is the addition of profiles, meaning you can have multiple bindings configured for each device, and you can switch them by context menu.
This release also features many code reworks, GUI and backend fixes and refactorings opening the way to future new features.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Ported build system to CMake
  • Added profiles, to have different bindings for the same keys
  • Major code cleanup, allowing to add more engines (next one probably will be Wiimote)
  • Cleaning up desktop file and appName (fixing some issues with encoding)
  • Binding keypress and keyrelease events on "Translate to key" dialog
  • Added "aliases" in keyboard database, so now different device version can be mapped to the same key (example: apple remote)

Now the bad news: both the keyboard database file and the configuration file have changed.
The first one won't bother you, unless you've defined a custom keyboard mapping file. In this case, please contact me, I can help you fixing it, and it can also be added to the default keyboard database file.

For the configuration, it's much easy to migrate it:
  • cd $HOME/.config/GuLinux
  • mv Touché.conf Touche.conf # I renamed it, to avoid encoding issues
  • now open Touche.conf with your favourite text editor, and replace "[bindings]" with "[bindings_Default]" (or bindings_YourDesiredProfileName).
That's it!
Just enjoy the new release, and don't be shy! Feedback is welcome!

More downloads and information in Touché Homepage

21:27 (GMT+2) Update: there was a small issue with the configuration GUI. I modified source code to fix the problem. Please download again and rebuild the package if you have any inconvenience.

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