Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello planet! (again)

Just a quick update: after some years of inactivity, i've decided to go back into KDE hacking.
These years have been quite good, moving in Milan, working in a great agile team full of people i really love working with, but i really missed KDE community, open source, and c++ hacking.

So i'm taking advantage of my nearly one month vacation as a kickstart, hoping to be able to keep enough free time for KDE after being back to work.

What will i do in KDE? Well, i have no precise plan.. But i already started by adding Chrome/Chromium support to KRunner (probably it'll be out for KDE 4.10, proposed branch here, i'll blog more about it probably, as for me it's a nice example about unit testing and refactoring) and fixing some bugs (i just proposed a patch for Konsole).

It also wouldn't be bad to keep working on Touché, maybe integrating it more with KDE. For instance, it could merge with KHotKeys, which is kinda buggy too at the moment.

Also, I plan to hack on my Wiimote (with motion plus), it would be great to be able using it as a pointer device for KStars (exactly the way Skeye is doing for android devices, "Virtual DSC", or "PushTo").

So, stay tuned!

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