Friday, May 11, 2012

Touché 0.1 Release!

After a week or so of both developing and testing, I am finally able to present a fully featured 0.1 release!
A lot of work has been done, comparing to the first "proof of concept" version.
Most notably, a configuration user interface!
Here's the full changelog:
  • Catch input event from /dev/usb/hiddevX, otherwise ignored by the system.
  • Json Devices Database: pretty easy syntax for adding new devices. Both Qt (simpler) and KDE (stilish) main applications are supported.
  • Fully configurable by a simple user interface.
  • Provides an udev rule to easly fix permissions on your usb devices.
  • Automatically configures xmodmap to bind your unrecognized keys.
  • Full support for Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 (a.k.a. Microsoft Wireless Destkop 3000); possibly similar variants too.
  •  Support for Apple IR remotes (old MacBook pro tested); there are different variants, two of them are configured right now.
Source tarball available here:
Arch linux packages (AUR):

Touché in action

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